Admissions and Forms

After browsing our school web site, I am sure you are interested in seeing our school first-hand! If you are interested in a visit to the school, please contact us at (812) 333-2882. You may call or text!

Application for Admission Form

Student Update 2022

Health and Immunization Record Form

Student Profile Form

Debit / Credit Card Processing Form

Forms can be sent through US mail or scanned and emailed to You may also turn forms in at the school.

Mailing address: The Prep School 525 West 17th Street Bloomington, Indiana 47404

Scheduling a Tour

We will set up a date and time for you to visit with your family and your child. During the tour, we will show you around the school environment, introduce you to several other staff members, go through policies and procedures, AND answer YOUR questions! We look forward to meeting you and your child!

Getting Enrolled

In order to be enrolled in The Prep School, you would need to fill out and submit the Application for Admission with a $50.00 deposit. After this is submitted, you will be notified of your child’s placement at The Prep School.

We enroll students all year long at The Prep School. Our school year runs mid-August to the end of May. We also have a Summer Program which runs from early June through early August.

After your child is enrolled at The Prep School, there are several other pieces of information needed from your family for our school’s records.

Family Information and Paperwork

1. 2022-23 School Year Student Update Form –Please complete and have this ready to submit on your child’s first day of school (if not before).  EVERY FAMILY must complete this form for the current school year. 

This form has a section regarding your family’s “PICK-UP” list.  PLEASE be sure this PICK-UP LIST is updated!  Even though we want primary caregivers as the regular people in the building, we know that others might have to drop-off or pick-up at certain times during the school year.  

If your child has FOOD ALLERGIES, we need to know!

On the 2022 -23 School Year Student Update Form, you will find a section regarding allergies. Please make sure to fill this form out and return to us on the first day of school (if not before), so we can be aware of your child’s allergies.

2. A Health Record, which includes current immunization record and physical exam (must have been within the last year and must be signed by a physician), is required for each child. This must be turned in within 30 days of your child starting at The Prep School. If you already have this form on file, you do not have to resubmit this form).

3. The Student Profile Form gives valuable details about your child and his/her habits, personality, family life, etc.

4. Don’t forget about our Family Picture Tree in the entry way of our school! Please bring in a family picture (informal pictures are great)! We love to show off our wonderful families!

Potty Training and Your Child

The Prep School requires that children who attend the school must be potty trained. What does potty trained mean? Well, let me explain…

Children should wear panties or underwear. Diapers and or pull-ups are not allowed (not even during nap time).

During a group bathroom break, a child who is potty trained is able to walk into the bathroom and know what to do when a toilet is in front of her or him. We have child-sized potties that help children gain independence, but teachers are present if a child needs help getting onto the potty.

In addition, a child should be able to wipe her/himself after peeing or pooping.

Lastly, a child should be able to pull down and pull up all articles of clothing on own. Of course, buttons, snaps, and zippers are tricky at times and a teacher is present to assist in these times.

We realize that potty accidents do occur occasionally. Because of this, we ask that you please bring an extra change of clothes (comprised of undies, pants, socks, and shirt) and keep in your child’s cubby for the time an accident might occur. If these extra clothes are used, be sure to refresh your child’s extra clothes supply. The Prep School has some extra pieces of clothing at the school, but if not, you might receive a call from us requesting clothing. If accidents occur more than occasionally, like on a daily basis or more than once a day, your child’s enrollment in the school might be deferred to a later date.